How To Apply Niacinamide Serum

How To Apply Niacinamide Serum

How To Apply Niacinamide Serum - Done with the struggle of fading those acne scars? Your frustration is valid, but don’t hate your skin. It still deserves your love. It’s high time to pamper your skin with Niacinamide and say goodbye to acne scars. Also known as Nicotinamide, Niacinamide is one of the insanely popular ingredients in the skin care industry that is loaded with various benefits. It helps to deal with blemishes, acne, acne spots, and discolouration, minimizes excess oil production and gives enhanced skin. But before adding niacinamide to your skincare regime, you must know How To Apply Niacinamide Serum, so that you can experience better results. More to come!

Before We Proceed…

Niacinamide could be a member of the Vitamin B3 family. It helps to protect your skin from environmental damage, free radicals, and other irritants. This multi-tasking ingredient occurs naturally within our body but may also be found in various foods such as eggs, beans, fish, green vegetables, and much more. The little intestines of our body don’t absorb the required niacinamide contained in the food to make your skin clear and radiant. That’s why it is better to apply it directly to your skin to get the maximum benefits.

According to research, it also helps to speed up the hydration level and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it comes in various forms like moisturizers, face cleansers, and serums, making it easy for every individual to choose any form that they like. It is suitable for all skin types and you can easily add it to your daily skincare routine to maintain your skin health.

The Overall Issues Addressed by Niacinamide

  • Excess sebum production
  • Acne
  • Dehydration
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Rough texture
  • Even toned skin
  • Sensitivity & Irritation
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Redness and rosacea

How To Apply Niacinamide Serum -

Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide is a popular skincare ingredient with numerous positive effects on the skin. Below we have mentioned the step-by-step guide on How to Apply Niacinamide Serum for fabulous results:

So, buckle up curious skincare enthusiasts and get ready to elevate your skincare game!


First of all, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser to remove impurities like dirt, oil, or makeup. A gentle cleanser will not remove your natural skin oils.


After cleansing, apply a toner to balance out your skin’s pH and make it hydrated.


This is the most important step where the real game will start. Take a few drops of niacinamide serum and apply it to your face. According to dermatologists, always use the niacinamide serum with at least 5% concentration for safe and visible results. Cover your face with the serum. Gently massage the serum to your face so that it can properly absorb into your skin.


Next, use the high-quality moisturizer. As we know, niacinamide helps to enhance skin barrier function, so applying the moisturizer will help to boost the serum’s benefits.

Sunscreen. Don’t forget

Whether it’s a chill day or cloudy weather, don’t forget sunscreen. After you are all done with the above-mentioned steps, make sure you apply at least SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to safeguard your skin from harmful UV damage and maintain the effectivity of Niacinamide serum.

A friendly note:

As per skincare experts, you can use niacinamide in both your AM and PM routine. Because it is a non-irritant and skin-friendly ingredient that works on all skin types. To keep the side effects at bay, make sure you do a patch test before adding it to your skincare routine.

Do’s and Don’ts For Niacinamide Serum:

Enlisting the Do’s and Don’ts for Niacinamide Serum:


1. Want to feel the maximum benefits, use it regularly.
2. Look for niacinamide serum for at least 2%-5% concentration.
3. As we have already discussed, niacinamide comes in various forms including creams, serums, masks, and others. Choose the right form that is suitable for your skin type and concerns.
4. You can also combine niacinamide with antioxidants, retinoids and hydrating agents, to boost the benefits of niacinamide serum.

Don’ts :

  • Don’t use Vitamin C and niacinamide together because it can lead to skin irritation and discolouration.
  • Don’t overdo it when it comes to pampering your skin with niacinamide serum as it can cause redness and irritation.
  • Don’t use Niacinamide serum with other exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid as it can increase skin sensitivity.
  • Try to avoid Niacinamide serum, if you are already dealing with any kind of allergies. Do a patch test before using it on your face if you have extremely sensitive skin or have a specific allergy.

Wrapping Up!

So that was the wrap of How To Apply Niacinamide Serum. Niacinamide serum can be a great addition to your skincare routine, offering a wide range of benefits such as addressing acne scars, minimizing excess oil production, and improving overall skin health. By following the proper application steps and being mindful of do's and don'ts, you can experience the best results from incorporating niacinamide serum into your daily skincare regimen.

People May Also Ask For How To Apply Niacinamide Serum

Q1: Can niacinamide serum be used in both morning and evening skincare routines?

Ans: Yes, niacinamide serum is gentle and suitable for both AM and PM use, catering to various skin types.

Q2: Are there any ingredients that should not be combined with niacinamide serum?

Ans: It's recommended to avoid combining niacinamide serum with vitamin C, as it may lead to skin irritation and discolouration.

Q3: Is it necessary to do a patch test before using niacinamide serum?

Ans: Doing a patch test is advisable, especially for individuals with extremely sensitive skin or specific allergies, to ensure compatibility with the product.

Q4: How can I ensure the effectiveness of niacinamide serum?

Ans: Look for niacinamide serum with at least a 5% concentration to ensure visible and safe results.